Mission Statement:

The Global Bridges Workforce Development initiative
aims to educate and train immigrants of the African descent who are interested to work
in the field of IT and join the industry’s workforce. There is currently a high demand for
IT professionals and this program enhances the capabilities and effectiveness of those
enrolled in the program. Students acquire advanced technical knowledge and training,
and gain exposure to and experience handling complex IT challenges.

We are raising funds for two types of tuition scholarships;
one track to train beginners as Cloud Security Experts and the second to train junior IT professionals as Cloud Data Experts.
Courses included below:
Cloud Security Expert – AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Security Specialty and Terraform Automation
Cloud Data Expert – AWS Data Specialty, AWS Data Analytics Specialty and Terraform Automation

This initiatives aims to empower women through
education, increased awareness and involvement in every aspect of the social structure.
Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender
equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. In collaboration with
organizations of similar mission, this program offers mentorship, education and
engagement opportunities for women of different backgrounds.

This initiative provides mentorship opportunities to
allow youth as well as adult professionals by connecting a mentor with a mentee for a
one-on-one as well as group mentoring interactions. This network affords the
opportunity to connect students, entrepreneurs, health and IT professionals, filmmakers
etc. with others who are in their respective fields and industries. The platform fosters
partnerships, allows for information exchange and personal/professional growth, which
in turn provides opportunities to give back to the community. Global Bridges
collaborates with different organizations and groups to support its mentorship initiatives

This program aims to improve the well-being of communities of
African descent through the implementation of different programs and collaborating with
organizations of similar mission and values. This initiative promotes the provision and
accessibility of culturally relevant services and information.

Collaborate with organizations in Africa on projects related
to sustainable and renewable energy as well as green-income generation.
Collaborations and partnerships with local non-profits, government associations and
entrepreneurs is our business model in order to provide continuity, create jobs, and
knowledge transfer in order to maximize positive impact in the community. In addition, it
helps us overcome cultural and language barriers that can otherwise be very time
consuming and costly.

Promote better health, education and other opportunities for
communities of African descent and those living in diaspora. This includes advocating
for disadvantaged global communities through practical support, encouragement,
information, advice, guidance and training. We work to empower individuals and
families experiencing multiple disadvantages and barriers including health, poverty,
deprivation, isolation and those relating to language, culture and resource issues.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

- Confucius